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In my position as founder of TVGeek, I, Ashwini G, want to welcome you to my website. I am glad you found me and want to know about me.

Gone are the days when families used to have a single TV set in their home that everybody used to sit around in the evening to catch their daily dose of entertainment. As times changed, affluent families started installing TV sets in their bedrooms, and in some cases, even in their bathrooms.

An average LCD TV used to cost around Rs 45,000. But not anymore. The way eCommerce revolutionized smartphone buying, something similar is happening in the TV space too. Companies are launching ultra-tech TVs that fit every budget.  However, there is a problem. Most of these TVs are available online with little or completely absent buying guide. This is where TVGeek comes into play.

A few months back, I wanted to buy a smart TV for my newly renovated bedroom. Visiting local TV showrooms did not help as most TVs were out of my budget. As a last resort, I decided to try my luck online. Trust me, there was no shortage of models, features, price range; however, there were too many companies selling too many models on too many platforms. That’s when I decided to do something about it.

TVGeek is not a fly-by-night affiliate website. I spend days developing the content, researching products, and tweaking and building my website.

I am a tech-savvy mom with the technical know-how of things. So whenever you are researching TV, TV Box, Soundbar, or a TV Accessory, chances are, you will come across me.


The objective of TVGeek is to help people find suitable TV and related media consumption devices for their entertainment needs. For this, TVGeek suggests methods, procedures, along with products.

The information provided on can in no way be used as equivalent of advice from the experts in the television and entertainment sector. The information provided is solely meant for guidance only. The user is responsible for analyzing the information and acting accordingly.

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