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Android TV Box Buying Guide

Android TV Box Buying Guide

There are many ways to stream videos and movies on your television directly. One of the best ways to enjoy the shows is with the help of the Android TV...


How Does Android TV Box Work?

Last Updated on April 20, 2020 by Ashwini G

Android TV boxes are gaining popularity. They are a disruptive technology having shaken up an already well-established industry of cable and satellite television. The popularity has gained momentum to the extent that even Apple has invested in internet TV. The pertinent question that arises now is “How does Android TV Box work?” You were not alone in thinking that cable TV had all your entertainment needs covered. Android technology took everyone in the industry by surprise. This article will guide you through the finer points of the Android TV world.

What Is Android TV Box and How Does Android TV Box Work?

Before discussing know-how and what-nots of android TV you must first understand the concept. Android TV box is simply a box that runs on the Android operating system.            Android TV uses this set-top box or an android dongle that can be connected to the television to stream from on-demand video apps, TV shows, and video sites. You also have the freedom to browse the internet with the android box where your television screen doubles up as a computer monitor. This is the best way of explaining how an android TV box works without bogging you down with the technicalities.

Technology Explained

Android TV is based on an android operating system which was developed by Google as a replacement for Google TV. It was first developed in June 2014 and the nexus player was introduced in October 2014. The operating system was specifically designed to run on televisions. However, to keep it simple the android TV version works exactly like the android mobile version. It is highly fragmented and very versatile with each company incorporating its requirements onto the platform.

Features of Android TV Box

Every android box will have different features. Some features that are common to all are:

  • Content flexibility
  • Search options
  • Voice search
  • Google cast support
  • Gaming option
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Bluetooth

Other Features of Android TV Box to Crave For

Apart from these features, different android boxes have different add-on features as well that you can choose from. Bear in mind though that the more features your android box has the heavier it will be in your pocket. Some other add-on features you might want to consider are:

  • Audio Pass-through: This will enable your android box to connect with your home theater system automatically without the need for plugins.
  • H.265 Hardware Decoding: H.265 is also called HEVC short for high-efficiency video encoding. This compresses your files efficiently to save space and bandwidth.
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop or higher: This is the latest stable interface by Google. Do not go for technology before this that will be outdated.
  • Refresh Rate: You do not want a box that shows you the best possible picture clarity. Higher the refresh rate switching ingrained within the program better the picture quality you will receive.

How to Install and Use Android TV Box?

Android boxes are very user-friendly and not much different from android mobile. The following step by step guide will help you through the initial hiccups:

  • What after Opening the Box?
    • Make sure you have received all parts
    • Connect to the TV with an HDMI cable
    • Go to the HDMI settings on TV and switch on the box
    • Go to settings on the box and connect to the internet
  • How to Install Apps?
    • Open Google play store
    • Search for the app
    • Download directly to the television screen
  • All can you watch and do?
    • Movies
    • Live TV
    • Other TV shows
    • Anything on-demand with the appropriate app like Netflix etc.
    • Games
    • Browsing

How is an Android TV box Different from the Cable TV box?

The Android TV box packs a lot more features than the ordinary cable TV box. Cable TV box is the traditional approach to entertainment and does not allow any access to the varied world of the internet. Below are the key differences for your perusal:

  • Live streaming: Cable box is limited to live streaming whereas the android box lets you browse the video apps at will.
  • Record: Cable box only allows you to record the live-streamed content for later watching but the android box gives you the flexibility to download content off the internet sites to watch on your television.
  • Variety: It is the spice of life. Here cable box loses the battle royally. It only offers live content as scheduled by the channels. But with an android box, you can watch anything anytime using the various apps available.

So, when you are thinking of how does the android TV box works it helps to look at these points for clarification.

Android TV Box Q & A Round

Is It Possible to Watch Live TV On the Android Box?

Yes, you can watch live TV on the android box. There are many add-ons that you can take with your android set up the box. All the channels that are available through the cable can be live-streamed by the android set up the box.

Is Android TV Legal?

Android TV is very much legal when you use legitimate software for the set-top box which is either provided by the company or downloaded through a legitimate source. It’s when you use pirated software or illegal software that android TV also becomes illegal.

Does It Require an Internet Connection?

You will require an internet connection for live streaming. But you can watch your downloaded content anytime without internet access. You also have the option of attaching your external drive and browsing its content without any need for the internet.

What Internet Connection Speed Will Android TV Require?

For a good uninterrupted experience with live streaming, you will need a minimum of 2mbps speed and HD will require a 4mbps speed. For downloading content to watch later you can opt for lower speeds.

Android TV box is the next big thing on the entertainment circuit after cable TV revolutionized how you watch TV. It is fast and brings up convenience to the next level. You choose when where and what to watch without any restrictions. Just plug in and you are ready to be entertained.

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Android TV Box Buying Guide

Android TV Box Buying Guide

There are many ways to stream videos and movies on your television directly. One of the best ways to enjoy the shows is with the help of the Android TV...

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