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Mi TV 4 Review by TVGeek

  • Most attractively priced TV in the market for the specs it offers.
  • Borderless display, 55-inch screen, 4K resolution with HDR support.
  • Supports 15 Indian languages.

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A relatively new introduction to the market, the all-new Mi TV 4 from Xiaomi is a one-off offer that no one can refuse. This television has recently won the Red Dot Award and is as slim as the slimmest TV in the market.

Unlike a smartphone, that users prefer to replace quite often, TVs are expected to serve for a long period. In India, it is considered a long term investment that would reap benefits for at least half a decade. The company claims that this television has been designed keeping in mind the sentiment and preference of the Indian audience. It also guarantees a better user experience compared to its counterparts in the current market.

Mi TV 4 Key Features

This 55-inch smart television, slimmer than an iPhone X, with 4K HDR display and that too at a mere price of Rs. 39,999 is the hot topic of discussion in the market.

The TV boasts of its 10-bit VA panel that is made by Samsung that is capable of producing 4K and HDR is one of the primary considerations while buying a smart TV. Users who are not happy with their operating system can always plug in a Fire TV stick or a Chromecast of their choice.

It also features an Amlogic Cortex A53 Quad Core 1.8GHz processor and 2GB with 8GB built-in storage is a dream come true at such an affordable price.

While the 2 x 8W speakers are not of the best sound quality, there is hardly any television that emphasizes on the outstanding sound quality. If audio quality is your preference, you should think of investing in a soundbar.

So, if you are planning to buy a 4K TV at a budget of 40k, then you won’t find a better option in the market than the all-new Xiaomi’s Mi TV 4.

Pros of Mi TV 4


4K HDR quality peformance provides a smooth user experience


Includes two user interfaces – one is the Patchwall and the other normal android loader


Can be configured with both Android and Google remote in addition to the Mi remote


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Cons of Mi TV 4


Few incompatibility issues with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Jio


Hangs when multiple apps are running or multiple buttons on remote are pressed


Wi-Fi reception can be choppy at times


Numerous installation related complaints

After an overview of this television, the question is, does this television live up to the expectation of customers? For this, let’s have a detailed insight into the specifications of the Mi TV 4 by Xiaomi.

Mi TV 4 Design and Build

The Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is perhaps the best-looking smart TV available in the market, and its aesthetic design is surely worth appreciating. Looking at the model, anyone can make out that the company has invested a significant amount of time and money in designing such a unique model.

At its slimmest point, the TV measures a mere 4.9mm with the base of the TV measuring 48mm because that is the place where its internals is housed. This means that it is thinner than most of the thinnest Android smartphones available in the market.

The ultra-thin design makes the TV a visual delight even when it is turned off, all thanks to its aesthetic appeal. It comes with two metallic stands, which allow it to mount the device on the wall. The base measures just 216.5mm, and the whole thing, including the base, weighs under 20kgs.

The entire model is carved out of a substantial chunk of aluminum. The front is all glass with a borderless frame that enhances its display, the rear, other than the motherboard, is all metal. Xiaomi has prudently compartmentalized the motherboard so that it occupies a smaller area than its counterparts.

While it is true that TVs are not required to be handled on a daily basis, owners of Mi TV 4 needs to be extra cautious when relocating it from one place to another. Because of its fragile ultra-slim build, you need to be careful while plugging into the port or during cleaning.

Mi TV 4 Display

The next major highlight of the Mi TV 4 after its design and build is the near borderless display. The device displays a breathtaking 55-inch LED screen with 4K resolution and HDR support. It is equipped with a custom-built Samsung 4K Superior Vertical Alignment (SVA) display panel with 3840 x 2160 resolution with a contrast ratio of 6000:1.

This product from Xiaomi also boasts of a 178-degree viewing angle and dynamic backlight that automatically adjusts depending on the screen content. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz and a latency of 8ms. It’s manually enabled eye-protection mode is designed for comfortable viewing with less strain on the eyes.

The Mi TV 4 is popular for its efficient color handling feature, with brightness levels the best in class. Its natively run 4K videos at 60Hz is simply icing on the cake. The device is capable of producing 1024 colors per primary color in comparison to the 256 colors per primary color that are produced by other smart TVs in this price segment.

Mi TV 4 Software

The next highlight of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is the software, which is more like its smartphones, based on Android. Xiaomi has skinned his new introduction to the television market with Android software and named it PatchWall. It has also incorporated specific changes to the platform keeping the Indian customers in mind, even though the inherent property still remains unchanged.

The PatchWall is developed based on deep-learning AI that makes a content recommendation to its viewers with reference to the previously viewed metadata. This feature included by Xiaomi indicates that the software is continuously learning and evolving by continuously observing the viewing preference of the user and suggesting content based on such experience.

Unlike other Android televisions that emphasize more on apps, this TV will directly lead its viewer to the appropriate content as soon as it is turned on. The objective is to display multiple contents in a single screen through the shortest possible path, both in audio and video. Once the set-top box is set up, the content gets integrated with the Operating System.

The OS supports up to 15 Indian languages, and viewers get the option to see the interface of the TV in the choice of their language.

Mi TV 4 Processor and Storage

The 64-bit Quad-core Amlogic Cortex-A54 SoC processor with Mali-T830 graphics processors is certainly a treat for buyers at this price. These specifications are decent for television featuring 4K viewing experience, but it is certainly not one that you will get at a price of Rs. 40,000. This prevents any lag while browsing content on the PatchWall while providing its users with remarkable gaming experience.

The Mi TV 4 also features a 2GB DDR-4 RAM with an 8GB built-in storage. The 2GB is sufficient for conducting general operations on a smart TV like this. Simultaneously, the 8GB in-built memory storage keeps the door open for any future OS updates and apps that might be necessary to keep the TV updated from time to time.

Mi TV 4 Content

A smart TV is effectively an idiot box without any content. But this is not the case with Xiaomi’s Mi TV 4 as the Chinese manufacturer has integrated its services with various service providers, the company claims that the device offers more than 500 hours of content. As of now, the company has joined hands with Hungama Play, Sony Liv, Voot, Alt Balaji, Voot Kids and is working towards expanding its associations.

The User Interface is also quite simple and easy to use with thumbnails for various movies and TV shows that will be displayed on the screen. The upper section of the screen contains various categories like Home, TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Kids, Music, and VIP. These categories include content related to that specific genre, and only the VIP segment will require the user to purchase the subscription.

Even though Sony liv, Hungama, and Voot display content in HD and 1080p, those from Prime Video, Hotstar, and Netflix are noticeably better, both in terms of resolution and content selection. For the initial three months, the manufacturer will provide a free subscription for Sony Liv, Alt Balaji, and Hungama.

On-Air is also an interesting feature of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4. Its OS is compatible with more than 3500 DTH and set-top box providers, and this draws a clear line of difference between Xiaomi’s Mi TV 4 with other smart TVs. The PatchWall displays the content on-air along with a graph showing the extent of the content already seen and how much of it is still remaining.

Mi TV 4 Connectivity Ports

Speaking of its build, the Mi TV 4 comes with 1 USB 2.0 port, 3 HDMI 2.0 ports, 1 Ethernet port, and 1 USB 3.0 port, along with the standard analog, AV, and Audio ports. This provides users with ample connectivity options. The Ethernet port helps you to arrange for an active internet connection in case the WiFi is not working.

A downer is that the TV has a single S/PDIF port for the audio input. The HDMI ARC that the device possesses is not compatible with accessories of higher configuration. The user needs to purchase a Coaxial Digital Adapter Cable to connect a 3.5mm or RCA speaker.

In addition to that, it also features dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) WiFi 802.11ac with a 4.0 Bluetooth as well. So, if your speakers support Bluetooth, you can easily connect them with your TV without requiring investing in a Coaxial Digital Adapter Cable.

However, the HDMI and USB ports lie at the back of the device inside a socket, and this creates the possibility of the ports getting entangled with other devices and cables. On the other hand, since all these ports are placed at the rear side of the device, viewers do not shift their attention from the television screen to anything else.

Mi TV 4 Video Quality

The Mi TV 4’s video quality is certainly not one that can be compared to the offerings made by Samsung, Sony, or LG, but considering the price of the product, it is surely a deal to customers of that price range. The contrast and colors of the device are fairly decent, which you can notice even more if you are upgrading from a cheaper offering.

Clouding on the screen can be noticed and certainly so as it is not the forte of Xiaomi. The decent black levels produced by this device are often hampered by the clouding effect. Since the screen is reflective, it will work better in dark rooms. You can notice a change in the picture quality if any bright light falls on the screen surface.

The 4K resolution offered by this device at a budget of Rs. 40k is often found in products of Rs. 1 Lakh and above. The design, in combination with its display, is certainly the selling point of this model.

Mi TV 4 Audio Quality

The Mi TV 4 by Xiaomi supports both Dolby and DTS Cinema Audio Quality. Even though these specifications are not downright deal-breaker, they are sufficient for watching TV in a small to medium-sized room.

Since the upper panel is extremely thin, the speakers are contained at the bottom of the panel, which has a thicker base.

Like most TVs in India, the sound quality is good enough for watching movies or videos, but if you want a fine-tuned audio, then you can always add speakers or a home theater unit to it. In fact, soundbars are becoming a popular TV accessory these days for amplifying the quality of the sound.

While the voice-enhance option helps in making the voice louder, the Dolby audio or surround option doesn’t seem to make a big difference. However, the equalizer can be a bit handy.

The Mi TV 4 also provides an AV and S/PDIF connection, allowing users to enjoy music by connecting a music system or home theater to it. The downside is that this device does not support any standard 3.5mm audio jack that can enable users to connect the music system suing an aux cable.

Mi TV 4 Remote Control

The best smart TVs always attempt to do everything with a single remote, and Xiaomi’s Mi TV 4 has maintained the trend. Taking the discussion away from its performance and design, Xiaomi has kept its remote control quite simple.

The remote is simple and sleek, with just a few buttons. It looks more like the Amazon Fire TV Stick remote with an inclusion of the volume controls and removal of the playback controls. Made from plastic with 2 AAA batteries, the remote connects to the TV via Bluetooth. This means that you no longer need to point the remote to the direction of the TV to make it function.

Furthermore, the TV remote functions as a universal remote for your TV as well as your set-top box. So, you don’t have to use the remote provided by your DTH operator to control the TV functions. The user only needs to purchase an additional accessory called the Mi IR set-top box controller to make the remote play a double role.

However, Xiaomi has confirmed the release of a voice-enabled remote to be sold separately at a later stage. The biggest disappointment with this remote is that it does not have any mute button or any pause button to pause a video streaming on Hotstar or similar apps.

But in return, the company has introduced a mobile app called the Mi Remote Controller app to enable users to control the contents of the television with the help of this app. The app not only provides a simple and hassle-free UI but also allows the user to take screenshots of the television screen.

Mi TV 4 FAQs


What Are the Streaming Services That Mi TV 4 Currently Supports?

The Mi TV 4 by Xiaomi currently supports YouTube and Hungama Play through a browser. However, YouTube doesn’t have a good UX. The Chinese manufacturer is likely to roll out more updates for this TV model shortly. 

Does Mi TV 4 Support Amazon Prime and Netflix Videos?

No. Currently, the Mi TV 4 does not support Netflix and Amazon Prime videos at the moment. However, Xiaomi has recently declared that its other TV models like Mi TV 4 Pro, Mi TV 4A Pro, and the Mi TV 4C Pro will get support for Amazon Prime and Netflix by the end of 2019.

Moreover, the manufacturer has warned that sideloading apps like Google Play may hamper the functionality of the television. So, it is better not to attempt playing Netflix< Amazon Prime or any other similar app via side loading.

So, users are eagerly expecting a software update in the near future that will hopefully bring these popular apps to the PatchWall interface of this TV.

Does the PatchWall Support All Set-Top Boxes?

The Mi TV 4 is compatible with more than 3500 DTH and set-top box service providers in India. With the integration of a DTH box, the content and the channels get seamlessly integrated into the Operating System. However, users need to contact their DTH service provider to know if their STB support Mi TV.

Why Can’t the Mi TV 4 Play YouTube 4K Videos?

Xiaomi has marketed it’s Mi TV 4 based on its 4K Ultra High Definition content. Most DTH service providers in India do not offer 4K content. In most cases, the actual quality of the HD channels does not achieve the optimal level, making it severely affect the quality of the HD channels. So, this 55-inch smart TV is not going to display your standard content in 4K UHD quality automatically.

Mi TV 4 Tips and Tricks

Xiaomi’s Mi TV 4 is the new age smart television. However, most users are yet to unlock the hidden features of this TV. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of Mi TV4.

Use Your Smartphone as A Remote

The Mi TV 4 is already equipped with a Bluetooth-enabled remote-control device. However, there are some major drawbacks of the accessory like,

  • It does not have a MUTE button;
  • Lack of adequate buttons hampers browsing experience;
  • It depends on the IT blaster to control DTH channels

But the good news is that the Mi Remote Controller app on Google Play can help to overcome such problems with the operations.

Take Screenshots on The Smart TV

Through the Mi Remote Controller App, you can also take screenshots of the TV screen while watching a show or any content. This feature of Mi’s remote app lets you capture special moments from your favorite show and share it on social media.

Cast Your Phone Content to Your Mi TV

Even though Xiaomi provides a Miracast app with this device, it does not offer the same freedom as the Chromecast built-in service. So, if you want to cast your smartphone’s content to your Mi TV screen, simply download the LocalCast for Chromecast app from Google Playstore. Enable the DLNA service and play and video or music from your smartphone to your TV screen.

Mi TV 4 Final Verdict

After a detailed review of the Mi TV 4 by Xiaomi, comes the most important question: Is this television worth the price? Well absolutely. There is no other smart TV in the market that offers so many high-end features at that price. Along with that, its interactive OS and minimalistic design provide an added advantage. Xiaomi also declared that it would keep on updating the software and its features to ensure the best user experience. So, before ruling it out from your list of suitable smart TVs, remember to weigh its features with the price of the device and then come to a conclusion. 



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