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At TVGeek, we strive to offer up-to-date, accurate product information and unprejudiced reviews, based on authentic consumer experiences. We’ve aggregated myriads of customer experiences collected from plenty of online sources to generate reviews of TVs and related media consumption devices. We receive feedback for the reviews each day. Below is an in-depth analysis of our research process, method of data collection and performance rating generation.

Our Data Set


We make use the below-listed sources to come up with our product ratings:

Forums/Discussion Boards

Nearly 40% of our data is derived from the consumer experiences as well as reviews posted in the online forums. We carry out a detailed search for every product review by analyzing the legitimate threads within various online communities. Then we collect and verify every single post to test its validity and relevance to the research.

Retail Product Pages

Approximately 40% of our data is fetched from validated customer reviews posted online. We also consider major online retailers, including the likes of Flipkart and Amazon. We also consider the brick-and-mortar brands selling TVs and those having a strong online presence. We analyze each review twice to make sure no fake reviews are accepted, and the author has not received any compensation.

Product Review Websites

Almost 30 percent of data we use is obtained from third-party product review websites, based on a brand and model. There exist oodles of fake online review sites, more so in the realm of TV and related products. These site owners receive monetary compensation for highlighting some brands and their devices. To offer the readers accurate information, we evade such sites and focus exclusively on authentic review sites. We rely on the sites that offer unaffiliated, objective information. We also check the individual postings on the top review sites to make sure that the authors have not received any compensation, or they are not associated with any brand.

Publicly Available Information

We do not at all generate performance and customer ratings from marketing claims from product manufacturers and product descriptions. However, these brands offer detailed product specifications along with brand information, and we use those in model and brand profiles. These details include:

  • Country of manufacture
  • Material composition
  • Available sizes
  • Care instructions
  • Product availability, offline and online
  • Shipping and delivery policies
  • Warranty information
  • Return policies
  • Company history

What Is Excluded in Our Data Set?

User-Submitted Reviews

We encourage all users to share stories and experiences freely with us and appreciate your feedback. However, we do not use reviews from our users in rating.

What Makes Us Exceptional?

We are very Comprehensive offers total coverage for all TV and related devices for mainstream entertainment. These devices are subject to change in terms of availability, pricing, material composition, as well as other key factors. Occasionally, we may not be able to get enough customer data to come up with fully-fledged and accurate product reviews. However, you can be assured of finding a useful resource on

We are User-Friendly

Choosing the right TV for your entertainment needs is no cakewalk, given the abundance of models available! Buying the right TV can be hard, more so for first-time buyers. There are Smart TVs, TVs with Android OS and featuring varying types of HD resolutions. Our comparison tool is straightforward, and the learning curve is minimal. We also offer a huge range of TV model reviews, and those can be useful for choosing the apt model for your needs. You can use the search tool to find the model matching your needs and budget.


Data accuracy is a big priority for us, and we do a lot of things in our capacity to make sure the information used in the site is updated, accurate, and those reflect consumer experiences. For this reason, we use established parameters for rating the products. We do the below-listed things:

  • We assign every reviewable product-specific baseline for consumer experiences, along with unique sources as per feedback availability. For example, we check for 60 validated customer experiences taken from 4 unique sources. Moreover, no individual source is used to develop over 50% of the reviews gathered by us. If we cannot collect adequate consumer feedback, we usually withhold ratings for a product or a brand until enough data is obtained. This information is displayed in the top section on every review page. We list a number of verified experiences with unique sources, as well as cases of lack of enough data to publish ratings.
  • We analyze every consumer review to make sure it adheres to our standard. Some reviews lack adequate details to ascertain if the author owns a product. To get a place in our database, the reviewer must show that he/she has used the device for 2 weeks minimum. The review must not be older than 6 years. Reviews matching these 2 aspects get placed in our data set, and others are discarded.
  • We validate consumer experience ratings through a full testing team for the sake of accuracy.

We Are Unbiased and Unaffiliated

We want to reiterate that we are unbiased in our approach. That is why we have developed a comprehensive editorial integrity policy. It outlines show we get information, generate money for this website, and interact with various brands. Please visit the page to learn the details and contact us to resolve any queries.

We are here to assist!

Do get in touch with us if you wish to know more about the brands and products, upcoming TV technologies, and the site. Our team members respond swiftly to ensure all the user queries are answered. All through the year, we strive to ensure your experience at is exceptionally good.

Our Product Rankings

We rate products as per the following criteria:


We ensure our ratings are simplified and use a 5-tier rating system:

  • Poor: 0.0 to 0.99
  • Fair: 1.0 to 1.99
  • Good: 2.0 to 2.99
  • Very Good: 3.0 to 3.99
  • Excellent: 4.0 to 4.99

Next, we will take you through the factors we have covered in the rating tables. The following factors are taken into consideration in drafting our rating tables.

  • Durability- Denotes the time for which the device can be used without deterioration and any malfunctioning.
  • Product type- denotes a type of TV.
  • Pricing- Our product pages list the pricing for all types of TVs. Additionally, the review pages feature graph comparing brand and model price against the industry contenders.
  • For comparisons, we use same-sized models only. We do not use time-limited sales or discounts to mention pricing and check each review for updated discounts.

Why Is This Product Missing on Some Data/Rankings?

On some pages, you will see some data points are either blank or left as NA. This basically means we lack enough customer experience data for one or more products.

Please check back for any update, and if you have any more queries- please let us know.

Where Should You Begin?

We recommend you begin with our guides to brands, models, and product types. This will be a great starting point for you to understand better what to expect for customer experience, features, price-point, and quality of the devices-in your budget.

Then you can make use of our comparison engine to further shrink your choices based on filters like price, brand, customer satisfaction, etc.

Once you’ve found the information you need, you should visit the official page of that product or check the brand website. If the product you like is sold only in the brick-and-mortar shops, note down the models before buying from such places.

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